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Wellness Facts and Tips has the best articles on health issues and healthy lifestyles focused on lifestyle improvements and proactive improvement in health. There is a vast array of information on the Internet. It is strange that humans can travel to the moon and do all sorts of wonderful things with advanced technology and yet health issues remain uncertain, unresolved and uncertain. There are so many mixed messages out there, even from authoritative sources. There is a crowd following mentality that fosters and proliferates this uncertainty. One particular research will claim to make a break-through. Other researchers calmour to get funding to confirm and expand on the findings. There is no money in doing research to disprove the claim, especially in areas that receive a lot of sponsorship from drug companies and various health lobby groups. There are hidden biases in this follow-up research often linked to 'proof by correlation'. But correlation, no matter how strong does not establish causation. Eventually, someone will test the original claims properly using the established scientific methods. This can generated a lot of confusion in the general public with a host of claims and counter claims with no real way of deciding what is right. Government health agencies compound the problem by issuing advice that is not proven beyond reasonable doubt and following the latest 'band-wagon' or trends.

Wellness Facts and Tips aims to break through the claims and counter claims by thoroughly reviewing all the available research and presenting balanced sets of facts from authoritative review articles. Our writers are the leaders in their fields. You can ensure that the articles published are the best ever on various topics.